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AquaCool Evaporative Cooling provides a simple, affordable and efficient solution to your evaporative cooling needs.  Using evaporative coolers, evaporative cooling modules and air washers instead of air conditioning in humid area applications can be quite effective.  The way evaporative cooling works is, a rigid media filter is soaked with water, the hot outside air passes over the cool, wet surface and this action cools and cleans the air.  This is evaporative cooling.

Browse our site to learn more about evaporative cooling our commitment to quality evaporative cooling products including evaporative coolers, portable evaporative cooling units, evaporative cooling spray units, industrial high efficiency evaporative cooling systems and air washers.  Our excellent customer service makes us the leader in humid area evaporative cooling applications, we understand your evaporative cooling needs!

We want your evaporative cooling business.

Commercial and Industrial High Efficiency Evaporative Cooling Systems for all Hot Environments.

We do not build residential air cooling equipment
or swamp coolers.

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