AquaCool Evaporative Cooling - Blower Units AquaCool Evaporative Cooling - Blower Units

We offer standard blower units from 3000 CFM to 65,000 CFM. Custom sizes for remodel, retrofit, or replacement are our specialty. Tell us what you need and we will build it. All spray wheel units, spray nozzle units and rotary units can be replaced with an AQUACOOL unit. Try us and compare.

Our blower units are rated in delivered air, not in industry
standard air, with no cabinet or ductwork. Get the air you pay for. Nature’s way of cooling gives comfort anywhere,
with low maintenance and low energy.

NO water carry-over means NO Rust!

We keep you cool with 12 inch deep cooling pads, using industrial blowers with solid shafts and heavy bearings, in 100% Stainless Steel cabinets and that is only part of our commitment to keep you cool. AQUACOOL’s experience, response and belief in our product is backed by the only
10 YEAR WARRANTY in the industry. We keep on cooling without odor or rust!

We Cool You Off!

What does evaporative cooling do?
Evaporative cooling cools by means of high velocity air and evaporation.   It is nature's way of cooling.  With AQUACOOL high efficiency units, heat simply evaporates.

Is evaporative cooling like air conditioning?
Evaporative cooling is not a substitute for air conditioning.  It is a genuine water evaporation cooling system.  It will provide low cost cooling for workers in hot areas.

How does evaporative cooling it work?
A special 12 inch deep long lasting rigid media filter is soaked with water. Hot outside air passes over the cool, wet surface. This action cools and cleans air.

What can I expect from evaporative cooling?
You will get high velocity air in the high 70's or low 80's, which will cool the skin of an active worker to the low 70's with 100% clean, cool, fresh air.

How would I use evaporative cooling?
For a very hot area you would blow 2000 CFM of delivered air on each worker for spot cooling. This, in turn, would effectively cool the surface of the worker's skin 7-9 degrees, as compared to 1-2 degrees or less with a fan.

What does it cost?
An average unit will cost between 75 cents to 90 cents a CFM of delivered air.

" We Make It Easy To Do Business."

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