Aquacool - ECM Capabilities

AQUACOOL offers high efficiency evaporative cooling modules in sizes to fit your needs.  Our industrial evaporative cooling modules are built to your specifications, or size requirements.  We offer any custom size or application you need.  Heavy gauge grade 304 stainless steel cabinetry and our high efficiency 12" deep honeycomb rigid 4515 media cooling pads give you maximum cooling at competitive pricing.

AQUACOOL offers the highest quality and the best value in the industry.  At AQUACOOL, we appreciate your business.  

We build custom evaporative cooling modules to fit existing makeup-air units or air handlers.  Special flanges are provided to make installation easy without any field fabricated transitions.  No transition is required, AQUACOOL makes it easy.  AQUACOOL Evaporative Cooling Modules can be used as a source of humidification in selected applications.

" We Make It Easy To Do Business."

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